Happy Thoughts (19)

We spent the past week in St. Louis for a little teeny, tiny vacation AND a family wedding.

These are a few of the things that made me smile along the way.

Unexpected Beautiful Weather 
The early part of the week turned out to be really lovely (which was a bit surprising for St. Louis in late June). It was so beautiful we got to walk around Forest Park and we didn't even melt.

Coffee with Great Friends 
...amazing chats included, of course.

Something Blue 
Are those some hot mama bride shoes or what?

Little Ones Who Grow Up Toooo Quickly 
His way too adorable little cheeks are filled with giant pieces of watermelon. 
Does that say "summer" or what?

Pork Steaks 
This is a cut of meat that is super popular in St. Louis, but not so easy to find in Chattanooga. My father happens to be a master chef when it comes to preparing them and he was generous enough to make some to send back to Chattanooga with us!! Yummmmmm.

What's making you smile?