The Family Vacay Shots

One of the items on my Ultimate To DO list is to visit each of the 50 states (& D.C).  The only "rule" I have for "completion" is that I need photographic proof of my visit – preferably with ME in the shot.

Now, as much fun as I know it might be to look at endless pictures of me all over the country, I've decided to cut you some slack. Instead of overloading you with all of the pictures at once, I'm giving you smaller batches of my travel. Last July I published the first installment, August featured volume two  and the third set appeared in September.  That brings us up to chapter four. This batch is full of "Family Vacation" shots.

This is my beautiful cousin and I several years ago when we were attending another cousin's wedding in Naples, FL.  If I'm going to be at the beach, Naples is DEFINITELY the way to do it! The whole weekend was a treat.  This wasn't my first trip to Florida, but it was one of my favorites.

First disclaimer, that tattoo is NOT real.  But that sunset is.  Second disclaimer, sorry for the sketchy quality of the picture.  It seems like our scanner might be dying a slow death.  So, it wasn't my blood family but my "adopted" family with whom I traveled to Hawaii.  We had an amazing trip complete with the requisite swimming with dolphins and pig roast/luau on the beach. Magical.

Last year the handsome hubby and I went back to D.C.  We've been several times, both together and individually and man, do I love that place!  It was during this trip that we figured out that we'd gladly live in D.C.  Anyone looking to hire a pilot?

My Mom was raised in Kansas City and a chunk of her family still lives there.  As a result there were many, many road trips to KC during my life time.  This is just one of many.

Last Christmas the fam took a trip to Chicago and I was reminded what an incredible city it is! This was definitely not the first or last trip into/through Illinois.  But this picture was super easy include and not as embarrassing as some of those shots taken during trips to the windy city in my 20s. Whoo wee.

How many states have YOU visited?  Is there one that you're itching to get to?