3 Quick Things

Número Uno:
I do intend to blog again sometime.  Probably really soon.

I'm totally serious.

I've got ideas and everything.

Número Dos:
On Sunday night I said to a friend, "I've considered getting Hulu + because you can stream every episode of Ally McBeal. I've looked and it's the only place that I can re-watch the show." Translation: I'd spend an extra $8/month just to watch Calista Flockhart dance with an imaginary baby.

Turns out I don't have to! All 111 episodes are now available on Netflix!  
If you need me, I'll be on my couch for the next 111 hours with an extra $8 in my pocket thankyouverymuch.

(Which probably doesn't bode well for número uno, because I can't be online AND stream Netflix at the same time without delays to both.  Sorry guys, in that battle, The Biscuit wins.)

Número uhhhhh three:

Apparently Netflix has been reading my blog.  Because the little man that live inside my PS3 and compiles the "you should watch this" suggestions have developed a whole list called, "Movies based on a Book."  


When I saw the list, it spooked me for a second.  I mean, maybe computers eventually are going to take over the world... or maybe they already have.