The Storm was sNOw Joke

This morning on the local news a reporter was at a nearby truck stop interviewing a semi driver.
The interview went something like this:

Reporter: How long have you been stranded at this rest area?
Driver: Oh, I'm not stuck. I just stopped here to let my dog run around and go to the bathroom.  See that's my truck right there with the blue cab and the dog in front of it.
Reporter: So how do you feel about traveling in these treacherous conditions?
Driver: Well, {awkward pause} being from up North, I'm not really all that bothered by it.
Reporter: Hmmm. Tell me about this land you call "Up North" where 6 inches of snowfall doesn't shut entire cities down.
Driver: Listen, I'm not really sure why it is you're interviewing me here. Isn't there anything else going on in this town?  It's just some snow, lady.

Okay, so maybe nothing in italics was really said out loud on the air.  But, it seemed to be the unspoken dialogue that was going on in each participants head.  Awwwwwkward.

In case you didn't guess yesterday was a beautiful, amazing, fantastic snow day here in Chattanooga.  We got six and a half inches in the valley, so there was probably even more on the mountains.  Everything shut down and the handsome hubby and I were released of all of our duties so we got play in the snow {with our favorite neighbors}, read, eat, watch movies and spend the day together!  Yay.

There are a handful of benes to living in Chattanooga {two handfuls if you ask me on a good day}.  Without a doubt, one of my favorite things is the way the entire city goes snow crazy and threatens to shut down at the mere mention of snow.  Now, you add an actual storm with genuine accumulation like we've had in the last 36 hours and we get a full fledged vacation.  EVERYTHING including the airport was closed yesterday.  And so far our roads haven't even been touched.  NOT. EVEN. TOUCHED.  So today is snow day part deux