Passing the Buck

Q: What is the one thing you'd most like to change about the world?

A: I have been tossing this question around and around in my head. But I'm having a really hard time with it.  Sometimes when I come up with an answer I realize that it's really just something that I should first try to change about myself.  Michael Jackson would be so proud... Sing along everybody, "I'm starting with the man in the mirror."  Others times I feel like the changes I come up with make me sound like a Miss America contestant.  You know, kind of naive and plastic?

In the end I think I've landed on an answer that is satisfying to me but MIGHT be considered a cop out.  I don't think I would change anything.  Here's the thing, I know there's stuff going on in this world that is horrifying.  I know there is plenty that needs "working" on.  I'm just pretty sure that I'm not the person to make those kinds of monumental, worldwide changes.  With my extremely limited view of history, the present and the future I don't really WANT to be responsible for the whole world.  Sure, some days that isn't evident by the way I speak, write or behave, but when put on the spot I've realized it's true.  I just don't believe I have the wisdom or the vision to make changes that would inevitably affect everyone and everything.  And, quite frankly, I'm at peace with that.

My faith is what gives me that peace.  Knowing that there is God in heaven that is in charge allows me to occasionally and momentarily find peace in the truth that I am not in control.  I don't understand everything that is going on in this crazy world.  I really don't like a lot of the yuck that surrounds me.  But ultimately I trust that everything is in His control.  ...even the stuff that makes me pull my hair out in frustration.  ...even the stuff that makes me ball my eyes out in grief.  ...even the stuff that is beyond my comprehension and looks like, from my perspective, should be changed. 

Look, I saw Bruce Almighty.  I am not naive enough to believe that I could run this place better than God.  Sometimes I feel like I've got a few ideas or could offer God some advice on how to run things. But then I remember some of the monumental mistakes I've made with my own life and think better of that.  Truth is I have limited vision and the wisdom to match.  It's no secret that there are chain reactions that would result in the kind of changes this question is suggesting I consider.  I do not want the responsibility of standing behind that row of dominoes.  Who knows how much more I could muck things up? So, instead of changing the world in one fell swoop, I'm going to leave it to the expert.

How about you? Is ultimate control worth ultimate responsibility?

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