Notes From a Toy Store

- You never know what you'll see around the corner...

- Dirty diapers in a public bathroom might be the most pungent, horrific, lingering smell known to man.

- Hands down, "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" is the ickiest Christmas carol.

- There are a lot of super sweet, polite, well-behaved and adorable kids out there.

- There are a lot of brats too. (most of those are parent sized humans though)

- It is totally inappropriate for Mom & Dad to have a 10 minute long, argument in the middle of a toy store without taking into account how uncomfortable their behavior makes EVERYone else around them

- It is NOT okay to say, "These gifts don't need to be wrapped they are going to be from Santa," out loud in the middle of a child filled toy store. It will result in dirty looks from several parents. Whoopsy.

Any toys on your Christmas list this year?