Friendship Bracelet Project

I've resurrected a hobby from my past.  I've been making friendship bracelets.

It all started because Nicole over at My Teacups in Peony has been gathering a team to make about a gazillion friendship bracelets to send over to a group of orphans in Uganda that have touched her heart.  You can read more about that here.

When I heard about the project, it sounded like the perfect excuse to dust off my friendship bracelet making skills and put them to good use.  So, I headed to a hobby store to pick out my embroidery floss.  Standing in front of the selection I was catapulted back in time to grade school when I'd save up my pennies and pick out new colors.  Just like then, I was overwhelmed and unsure which ones to choose.  Eventually after staring slack jawed at the vast array of floss, I picked up six colors and brought them home to start tying knots.

Amazed at how quickly the process returned to me, I've been churning out bracelets for the past couple of days.  I dare say, I'm getting pretty good and am feeling like a little experimentation might be in my future.  Could I manipulate the knots to make designs or patterns?  AHHH the possibilities!  And at forty cents a color I could really make a splash without spending too much dough.

What do you say? Would you be interested in joining in the project?  If so, check out Nicole's blog and let her know that you need some details.  Participating is just as easy as making a few bracelets and getting them in the mail to her.  She'll send them over to Uganda where they'll be distributed.  Easy. Peasy.

Want to help?