Remember earlier when I mentioned that I got to do a product review for CSN?  WHAT? You've forgotten already??  Fine, here's a link to the post to remind you...

These are the boots that I chose to add to my wardrobe review.

{See how I styled them the first time HERE}

I wore them the first day of our trip to Chicago.  That day included: two flights with a quick change at the ATL airport (running), many miles up and down Michigan Ave (walking) and super chilly temperatures (freezing).  I'm pretty excited to report that they withstood all three.  Plus, I think they looked darn cute in the process.

These boots were comfortable their FIRST time out of the box.  I mean, I set the poor things up for failure but they didn't crumble in the wake of my attempted sabotage.  They turned out to be superstars.  Cozy and stylish they were even WARM.  And at just $43, I consider them really reasonably priced.  I have yet to see how they fair in wet weather, but I intend to spray them to make sure they are waterproof.  I'm telling you, I may have just put my new favorite pair of boots in my closet.

I should also report that the whole process of finding the boots on the CSN website, ordering them and receiving them in the mail was painless and quick.  I would absolutely recommend both the boots and doing business with CSN.  Both are top notch in my book.

Have you shopped CSN yet?