Running Update

Have you noticed that it's been awhile since I mentioned running?  There's a reason for that.  I totally slacked took a bit of a hiatus.  I'm not exactly sure why.  Maybe laziness? Maybe boredom? Maybe frustration? Actually, yes. It was frustration. Running isn't coming EASY for me.  Sure there are moments of bliss and a sense of accomplishment, but it isn't easy.  I guess when I don't see the drastic improvement and phenomenal results I want I get frustrated which leads to boredom and then ultimately to laziness.

But this week, I put the running shoes back on.  I hit the road a couple days this week and am trying to reconnect with my inner runner.  In the process I've learned that it's much more pleasant to run in chilly temps than in blistering heat.  I've learned that I really, really need to improve my running play list.  I've learned that knee socks paired with shorts is the perfect way for me to stay warm and avoid bulk.  AND I learned (mid run) that it's illegal to run in a national cemetery. Oopsy doodles.

I'm headed back out this afternoon.  Perhaps this will be one run closer to actually crossing that half marathon off my Ultimate To DO list.  Disney Princess run in February anyone?