Dangerously Close

I came dangerously close to being even more employed this week.

The job seemed pretty "perfect" on paper.  It would have been about 10-15 hours a week doing something that I really, really love to do.  It would have meant a flexible schedule and would have allowed me to be creative.  It would have brought in some additional income and given me weekends and holidays off.

I'm telling you, it seemed pretty "perfect" on paper.

But, from early on in the interview process I experienced some red flags.  {and I'm not talking about the fact that I would have had to WORK} There were hints that perhaps all wasn't as "perfect" as it seemed.

Had it been a few months ago, even despite those red flags, I would have jumped on this job.  I would have jumped on the job and in a year (give or take) I would have been miserable and searching for other employment.

So what's the difference between now and a few months ago?

God has been hard at work in my life.

He's done amazing things to open my eyes.  He's done amazing things to change my heart.  He's done amazing things to calm me down and set my priorities right. He's done amazing things to prove to me that I don't have to jump on a job that seems "perfect" on paper but gives incredible pause.

After much prayer and many heartfelt discussions with my husband, we decided that this job was not the right thing for me.  It was not the right thing for us.  And it was not appropriate for our life.  Only hours after making this decision, even more proof came that this job could have been a real nightmare.  It was like a divine confirmation and it gave me even more peace and even more appreciation.

So, when I say that, "I came dangerously close to being even more employed this week," partly it's to be funny.  But, partly it's to be thankful.