And Without Further Ado...

So, since I didn't take that job, I bet you're wondering what am I doing with all this unemployed free time?

And if you're asking what I've been up to than obviously, you haven't heard.  So I'll tell you.
{not this again... jeez, three posts about the skirt.  You're really milking this little project aren't ya?}

Um, yes. Yes, I am.
And truthfully, I feel as though I've made you wait long enough to see said skirt.

So, without further ado, here it is:

I wore it to the zoo yesterday.
You can read about my Fall Fashion Week adventure HERE.

Here's me being a ham trying to use a map at the zoo.
And yes, I am so pale that I glow.

The skirt is made from black & white polka dot cotton.  And I love it.  A lot.

There probably won't be any more posts written specifically about this skirt.  But, I can't make any promises.

By the way, these photos are the handiwork of the beautiful and talented Miss Lexi.  She's taking part in Fall Fashion Week and I definitely think that you should stop by and read about her most embarrassing experience today{you are welcome, Lexi}

But before you go... Have you ever made or tried to make an article of clothing?
Did you brag about it as much as I do?