TGIF – Thank God It’s FashionWeek

That works, right? Has everyone already used that?

If you haven’t been around A Foreign Land this week, you’ve missed out on all the fabulous fashion AND you’ve escaped missed the tour of Chattanooga, Tennessee! No worries.  You can scroll down and catch up on the tour OR visit Summer Fashion Week CENTRAL, moms are for everyone!, for the many, many stylish looks. Thankfully, the Internet preserves all for eternity. It’s never too late to take peek OR to join in the fun.

Today we took some shots using this gorgeous stainless steel sculpture/fountain Volumes that sits in front of the downtown branch of the Chattanooga Library. Public art is HUGE around these parts. As mentioned, here, it’s an awesome feature of the city. I’d show you more of the library but it’s kind of ugly. However, I can brag on the staff’s customer service. I forgot to write down the info on this piece when we took the pictures, so I called this morning to ask if the library knew who the artist was. The sweet woman working at the “Local History” desk took my name and number and called me back a few minutes later with the sculptor’s name – Jim Collins – and even set aside articles that I could stop by to read as well as pictures of Mr. Collins on the day the sculpture was installed. Is that customer service or what??

Now on to the Fashion…

On a regular basis, Emery {Fashion Week’s Hostess with the Mostess} blows me away with her amazing thrifting skills. Inspired by her prowess and clutching $10 in my hot little hand I decided to try shopping at our local thrift store. I grabbed two lovely ladies, Lisa C {remember when she used to blog?} and Charissa {who MUST participate in fashion week soon to share her amazing style with all of you} and headed over to America’s Thrift Store. Thanks to Lisa C, I walked out with what I think is a pretty darn cute little outfit. Plus, she found 20 other things that I totally should would have bought.


This dress is a SIZE 16. But, I remembered the advice of Chelsea at Three Birds {ANOTHER thrifting genius} not to worry about size. And she was right. It just needed a little hemming and I'm totally in love. The light cotton breathes and is just purrrrrrfect for the 90-something degree weather we’ve been sweating through enjoying in Chattanooga this week. Plus, the fact that I paid less than $4 bucks for it, puts a HUGE smile on my face.

This fantastic belt cost me 89 cents! It is my new favorite accessory.

Had it not been for Lisa C though, my first attempt might not have been so successful. I get WAY overwhelmed in warehouse style stores. Generally speaking, I NEED merchandising. Thankfully, she does not. This trip has changed my outlook on the whole process. I am now, her thrifting protégé. I will call her Sensei.

Flower brooch put into my hair by, you guessed it, Lisa C… add “styling” to her list of talents.

Now that I think about it… Lisa C’s shopping/styling and Lexi’s photos are really what this post is ALL ABOUT. I'm incidental.


Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
{I’ve ALWAYS wanted to put that in a Fashion Week Post}
Gold Sandals: Old Navy
Blue Flower Brooch: Christmas Gift from my Super Stylish Godmother
Library Tote: Borrowed from Lisa C because Lexi said
I needed props to keep my awkwardness under control… she was right