A Plea to Help Prevent my Temporary Blindness

I know that I've mentioned before that I'm a real sweat-er.  If I haven't.  I am.

Remember the sweathogs? Oh, how I loved Vinnie Barbarino...
I wish I had photoshop, I'd totally put myself right in between Barbarino and Horshack.

Well, I've come across a bit of a frustration.  When I'm running and when I'm teaching I have perspiration that falls into my eyes.  Eeeeww.  I. know.  But it's truth and I'm putting it out there.

So, short of pulling an Olivia Newton John,

what do I do?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Recommendations? Ideas?
Please, help me out before I resort to another '80s reference...

And, yes, I know Kotter originally aired in the '70s but I watched it first in re-runs in the '80s.
Therefore it's '80s reference in my world.