Thankful Thursday / Episode 54

True or False? Even though I arrived home on Sunday night, I'm still unpacking TODAY (which is indeed Thursday if you’re keeping score).

If you answered True, then you are correct.
The past four days have seen me slowly returning to the everyday routine. Yes, I do mean slooowly. Sometimes I wish I was like the handsome hubby, who when home is unpacked and back to “normal” in the first hour through the door. But, that just isn’t me. It takes a bit more time for me to get re-acclimated and settle back into the everyday grind. Switching gears can sometimes be a challenge after an extended trip. So even while experiencing the until now unfamiliar comfort of being back in Chattanooga, I still clung tightly to vacation mode.  My brain wasn't all that interested in returning to day in, day out life.  Please tell me you experience this too!

Well, I’ll tell you something that makes getting back to real life much more fun. It’s when there are packages waiting patiently for you to arrive home and rip into them.

Episode 54: “Today I am thankful for … surprises that arrive in the mail while you are gone.”

Before leaving for my big trip I was fortunate enough to win an honest to goodness prize on the internet. Andi over at Misadventures with Andi (a terrific blog that I read faithfully) organized an Eat, Pray, Love Giveaway. She collaborated with Julie at Writing Roads, Alisa at Project Happily Ever After and Edgy Mama at Brewgasm to host a fun blog contest/pilgrimage. At the end there were only a few who were victorious and it turns out random.org liked me that day. Fast forward just a smidgen of time… and much to my delight, I came home to find these books waiting for me!

I had nearly forgotten about my big win with all the vacation craziness occupying space in my brain. As you can imagine, it was exciting to discover the books tucked inside the Amazon box delivered to my door. I read Eat, Pray, Love a year or so ago and fell head over heels for Elizabeth Gilbert’s relaxed and unpretentious storytelling style. I couldn’t help but feel somewhat connected to her story. After all, hasn’t each of us experienced a moment where we have every material thing we need but still long for something more? Something deeper? Something with more weight? Eat, Pray, Love is an account of Gilbert’s real life quest for fulfillment beyond the material trappings of everyday life. I was swept up in her around-the-world adventure from page one. I'm excited to re-read it before the film opens in August. As far as the second book Committed goes… the subtitle is “A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage.” Excuse me Ms. Gilbert (or your publisher), will you please get out of my head!  I'll let you know if the book is as satisfying as its title. 

This week, my procrastination and reluctance to let go of vacation threatened to put a damper on my psyche. But the exciting package from Andi was a bright spot that made me smile. And can I just say that writing this post persuaded made me to hurry up and get my routine back in gear so that I have time to sit down with a good book. I guess that means I received multiple gifts in one package.

So, today I am thankful.