I *heart* Weddings


My sister got hitched this weekend!


To say she was a beautiful bride would be quite an understatement.


I believe this truth is best evidenced by her new hubby's first reaction upon seeing her that day!


It was my honor and pleasure to serve as her bridesmaid.  Turns out
we had the most gorgeous day to take pictures. 
It was wonderfully clear and sunny outside with a nice breeze.


Well and yes it was 90-something degrees...
By the way, if you're keeping score that means I have now taken wedding photos OUTSIDE in
St. Louis on nearly the coldest and the warmest days of 2010.
I believe I deserve some sort of bridal party award for that.


The reception was such a blast.  Great food and lots of dancing kept everyone content.
(For the record, the rumors that I was spotted doing the running man to
Bel Biv Devoe's Poison are totally false.) 
It was such fun to reconnect with old friends and catch up with family.
I'm telling you, weddings are undoubtedly on my list of very favorite things.


So, cheers to the happy couple!
May this sweltering summer be the first in a long line of hot and steamy days and nights to come.