No Case of the Mondays Around Here

I had pretty much written today off. The letdown after last night’s return from St. Louis + no cardio dance due to a sore ankle + Monday = a bummer of a day. And then boom. And boom. And another boom (read “booms” to be happy things happening). Before I knew it, this day was shaping up to be top notch.

First, I opened up the lap top to catch up on my blog stalking reading and discovered lots of happy things went down while I was away over the weekend. I was given my first award by a fellow blogger! Is that awesome or what? Check out the button over to the right to read the lovely things Miss Olivia over at Of Such is the Kingdom wrote. Is she right generous and kind or what? She’s been a real inspiration to me in the short time I’ve known her. She has offered sage advice pertaining to both the world of blogs and real life. I feel totally blessed to call her friend. The fact that she is complementing me is a HUMONGOUS honor! I absolutely intend to pay her award forward in the near future.

Next I discovered that I won a fun giveaway! But, I’ll wait to tell you more about that when I get my loot in the mail.

Then it was time for lunch with some former co-workers. There’s nothing like laughing with friends over the BEST TURKEY SANDWICH IN THE WORLD to brighten your day. Plus, one of my girls is a nurse and she insisted (seriously, honey, she really INSISTED) that the best thing I could do for my sore ankle is to stay off it and avoid ALL housework this afternoon. So really, all the lounging I've been doing has nothing to do with general laziness. I'm simply trying to comply with a medical directive.

And as if that’s not enough, I just got a call from Mr. Lisa C. It turns out that since his wifey is out of town he won’t be able to prepare and eat all the goodies that he picked up in their weekly CSA share. That means he’s bringing us over some fresh veggies!!!! I thought the best news coming out of that house lately was that Lisa’s updating her blog again. Boy was I wrong. Sorry, Lisa, fresh veg trumps your blogtastic silliness.  Bring on the Bok Choi.

To top it all off, the sunshine is out. Isn't it such a relief to see after a weekend of dreary, rainy, chilly weather? I totally agree.

Monday, you minx. I thought you were going to be a drag. But, you’ve surprised me with your generosity and general spirit of merriment. What a way to kick off (though I swear I'm not using my bad ankle) the week.


Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

Always love reading! Mom will be out of school next Wed, so let me know when you wanna go to lunch or dinner! Glad no Monday blues for you girl!

Unknown said...

Glad your Monday turned out ok. Mondays are usually pretty lame anyways. Hoep your ankle gets better soon...cadio-dance NEEDS you!

Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

Sounds like a GREAT Monday! =D Hope you're feeling better soon!

lisa c said...

what! what!

thanks for the triplicate shout out, the expert eating of food stuffs, and the feeding of the husbandito!

i was so upset when we did the kick line in cardio dance and you missed it! can't wait to rejoin y'all, but for now, i have williamsburg to see!