Tidy Little Project

I completed another one of my crafty little projects. Actually, I did it about a 2 months ago. But with the recent stressing over life and all it entailed, I didn't ever take the time to share the finished product with you.

We have this cart in our kitchen that had always been a place where clutter went to die. It was a catch all for j.u.n.k. Magazine with a recipe I want to try, stick it on the cart. Coupon insert that I never got around to actually clipping, stick it on the cart. Notepad that is the perfect size for grocery lists because it fits in my purse (but OBVIOUSLY can't stay there all week), stick it on the cart. You get the drift.

ENTER ULTIMATE TO DO LIST. Since I made a goal to finish 100 DIY projects, why not make this numero dos? It was decided. I would create some storage pieces to declutter the kitchen cart. Whatever I chose needed to be easy to make and inexpensive but chic. Because let's face it, I'm just not all that into crafty looking tchotchkes. I'll do a little DIY project now and then, but I'll be damned if my house is going to look like a Hobby Lobby threw up and I called it home decor.

Thankfully there are like 5 bajillion DIY magazine storage tutorials online from which I was able to learn. I started by gathering a few supplies that I had laying around the house. (Can't forget to mention that the handsome hubby had selflessly eaten 2 gargantuan boxes of Frosted Flakes to contribute to the project. Thanks, sweetie).

Some contact paper that I had left from lining the kitchen drawers, a ruler, scissors, and moving tape was all that I needed. Oh, and of course my insane crafting ability - which was sold separately.

The whole project took about an hour and the finished product looks like this:

Here's a close up:

Could you just die? I love them. I had the block letters left over from a photo album I made for my sister after her wedding. So the grand total came to whatever I spent on the cereal plus a little elbow grease. Not too shabby, huh? But best of all, our kitchen cart is now chic-ly clutter free.


Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

awesome. =D

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Who painited that gorgeous wall????

Olivia said...

Way to go! I like these a lot. Hmm...I have two Frosted Flakes boxes in my pantry...