Thankful Thursday / Episode 44

Let me apologize from the get-go for sounding like a broken record. I promise not to fill this space from here on out with talk of my recent career change. It will (if it hasn't already) become tiresome, I'm sure. It's just that right now things are really REALLY different in my day to day life. Because of that I can't help but be preoccupied and overjoyed by the change. You understand, right? You'll stick in with me, right? Thanks tons. I promise to move on to other topics in no time.

But for now...

I've had the most glorious week, and it wouldn't have been possible unless I'd used up all my vacation time or (what actually happened) I'd become a free agent.

Episode 44: "Today I am thankful for... the gift of time."

How amazing it has been to relax. How excited I am about finding new interests, hobbies and pursuits. How thrilling that there is more to come next week.

So today, I am thankful.

***Tonight I get to watch the last of the Academy Award nominees for best picture, A Serious Man. After that it's time to start working on my own nominations. Look for the 2010 Academolly Awards posted HERE this weekend just in time for the most anticipated red carpet of the year! Who's excited??? This girl!

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