Faster Than Kudzu (that one's for my southern friends)

Man did that week fly by! Seriously, I just blinked and the whole freakin' thing was over. Thankfully it was jam-packed full of goodness. It has been crazy fun reconnecting and spending some quality time with friends, seeing a few movies and CANCELING OUR DISH NETWORK... more on that stunner in the days to come I AM SURE. Can anyone say withdrawals?

I've also been in preparation for Spring Fashion Week which starts on Monday. Check the A-dorable button posted over there for more information. Especially if you want to participate – hint, hint. What luck that it happened to fall right after my birthday! I had some birthday moolah and did a little shopping this week! Tune in next week for all the girly silliness fun. As I mentioned here, I'm a wee bit nervous about participating... But I'm DEFinitely looking forward to seeing all the other outfit posts. The goal is to do some major look-borrowing. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and all that.

Meanwhile, in some lift-your-jaw-off-the-floor news… my friend’s husband (who I’ve mentioned here & here) was well enough to go to the San Antonio Spurs game on Friday night.  Oh, and while he was there he met LeBron James. I’m not even kidding. Does this story get more amazing with each passing moment? Ya. I know.

So on that happy note, I’m off to enjoy a beautiful sunshiny Saturday.
Hope you do too!

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Audra said...

looking forward to your posts next week! =D