5000+ Visits

On Saturday, A Foreign Land (this here blog you're reading) passed the 5,000 visit mark. Which is kind of cool, I think.

Now, to anyone who actually has a blog, 5000 visits aren’t probably all that impressive. Especially since A Foreign Land has been around for, like, ever. But it's a milestone and I'm excited. Since it wasn’t until 18 months ago that I started to even consider going public, 5000+ is respectable. Once I finally got the guts to actually put it out there for the world (probably about a year ago) my numbers increased significantly. And now here I am at 5000+ views. This week = small milestone + big smile. It kinda makes me wonder what would happen if I actually tried to promote it? Anyway, I tell you this because it was one of the items on my Ultimate To Do List. CHECK. (My list is an idea I completely stole from Mighty Girl – here’s her fantabulous list! Be amazed, be very amazed.)

In other AND totally unrelated news, I took some cold medicine today and I am feeling LOOOOpy. I've mentioned before that I've been sober for what seems like three bazillion years by now. That’s right, folks, clean livin' for this girl. So, when my system gets hit with some drugs - not even prescription strength, we're talking over the counter junk - I canNOT maintain. Now, my current state of loopiness is not necessarily a bad thing since we are going to see Alice In Wonderland tonight. Maybe I'll take another dose before I go and I won't even need the 3D glasses!

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