Grammy 2010 Fashion

So last night's Grammy Awards were all about Taylor Swift. Though her vocals *cringe* were NOT fantastic... her dress (you can see it EVERYWHERE ~ I won't bore you with it again) was beautiful.

Without further ado, these ladies were MY favorites.

Loved Lea Michele once AGAIN! She told Ryan Seacrest that her Ramona Kaveza (who's DEFINITELY one of my fav bridal designers) was a last minute swap. Apparently she put her first choice on and realized that the white gown was totally see through. This dress was fun, flirty and totally perfect for the event. Lea Michele is quickly becoming a star I want to watch on the red carpet!

Keri Hilson rocked this Dolce & Gabbana mermaid. Now I gotta be honest, I had to look her up. Does it make me TOTALLY lame that I didn't know who she was? I caught her on the carpet and learned that she was nominated for best new artist. Her interview did nothing for me, but I became a little bit of a fan when I checked her website and discovered her in some FANTASTIC leopard print stockings. Between the tights and this dress I'll definitely keep my eyes open for her in the future.

Jennifer Hudson looked out of control last night in this Victoria Beckham number. I'm a bit bummed out that this isn't the first time we've seen this dress. But regardless, the new mom looked smoking hot.

So, I'm thinking I might be solo in this pic but I'm LOVING Kristen Bell in this Etro gown (I tried to find an official website for Etro ... couldn't). The dress was modern, sleek and cool. And Ms. Bell is such a cutie and too, too funny. Not the biggest fan of her underdone hair, though I get where she's going with it. I totally forgive her.

Just realized that 3 of the 4 looks I picked were primarily black. huh? I even left out a few black gowns (Nicole Kidman anyone?)... hmmm, interesting. There were some looks that weren't black, but I really hate to do "worst dressed" posts. Sick of the drab? Check out Mary J. Blige, Fergie & *sigh* Taylor Swift for a few more colorful looks.

I'm pleased to admit that I borrowed these amazing images from the following websites. Check them out for even more great Grammy coverage. 1.The Fashion Time Magazine 2.InStyle 3. FabSugar 4. InStyle

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the_blissful_mommy said...

I loved Lea Michelle's look too :)
Where are the pictures I have NOT seen yet of the champagne-colored bridesmaid's dress???