Early Favorite

I haven't watched all the red carpet coverage yet... (I was driving the hubby to ATL to leave for a week. On. His. Birthday. boooooooooo!) so, this is just an early favorite.

But look at Carrie Underwood. She looks pretty stunning. Her Edition by Georges Chakra gown is sooooo on trend what with it being both white and having an asymmetrical neckline. But it's far from cliche, and as usual she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Can't wait to check out who else is knocking it out of the park tonight.

In unrelated news, I'm glad to see that Jamie Foxx isn't satisfied being just an overrated actor. Did you see that performance tonight? He's certainly earned the moniker of overrated musical performer too. Sorry Jaime, doesn't matter how many other artists they let you parade on stage or how many vocal tricks you use to hide your limited talent, it still shines through. Not even alcohol can be blamed for that blunder. OVERRATED.

Pink's performance was pretty cool though, huh???

photo borrowed with much gratitude from fabsugar.com (If you haven't checked the site you SHOULD! They have AWESOME red carpet coverage)

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