Shoe & Sock Fetish

Zac Posen has a new line coming out this Spring for Target. Which is just further confirmation that if I was only allowed to shop in ONE place for the rest of my life (a thought which makes me fully cringe) it would be Target. I mean think about it, everything under one roof. But I digress.

This A-dorable little ditty is a sneak peak furnished yesterday by Fashionista. Obviously the outfit is too, too cute for words. And get a load of the prices at the bottom! Definitely an affordable alternative for those of us on a budget. Right, hubby? Don't you totally agree? Don't you absolutely think this is a steal?

I have to admit while the bodysuit/skirt/jacket ensemble made me audibly swoon, it's the ruby red socks and patent leather t-straps that have set my heart aflutter. How often MUST I incorporate this look into my spring wardrobe? I will tell you. Two words. A LOT. The look is feminine, unexpected, quirky without being ironic and has just a dash of naughty thrown in for good measure.

And did ya notice the model is rocking pasty white legs? I've got that part of the look nailed fo' sho'. Now if only I could get my pasty whites to grow about a foot and a half to truly achieve fashion brilliance.

Image borrowed with immense gratitude from fashionista.


Olivia said...

Laughing again! Thanks for brightening my day with fashion and laughter. You should definitely talk to my oldest! She is at this moment wearing something quite similar to that model (only add a pink blanket cape fastened on with a jeweled brooch).

Anonymous said...

How many timies do I have to tell you , you have great legs?!!!!!

Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

LOL! I'm right there with you on the white legs! Maybe pale white (ahem, i mean, *fair*) skin is coming back in after DECADES of being "out"??? That would make my life so much more carefree. ;)