Another Ultimate Update

As 2009 winds to an end, I figured it was time to check in on the Ultimate To DO list. Since the day I made the list, I've made some real headway. Click on the blue text to read about my adventures... Or just re-read the list to see what adventures you'd like to join me in over the NEXT 12 months.

The Ultimate To DO...

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon* ~ Have a Huge 10th Wedding Anniversary Party ~ See the Paris Air Show* ~ Witness a birth ~ Take pictures at our 8 wonders of the world* (Pyramid of Giza, Coliseum in Rome, Great Wall of China, Hagia Sofia, Taj Mahal, Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, Old City of Jerusalem) ~ Bake something sweet successfully ~ See the Parthenon in Greece* ~ Host a slumber party ~ Eat Gelato from a street vendor in Italy* ~ Be Sad to Leave Chattanooga ~ Sky Dive* ~ Publish something ~ Step foot in all 50 states* ~ Payoff my Student loan ~ See a Baseball game in all the MLB parks* ~ Teach Spikey to roll over ~ Live for a year in a Winnebago* ~ Scream like a fanatic 16 year old at the NSYNC reunion tour ~ Drive a Jet Ski* ~ Watch the AFI Top 100 Films of all time ~ Attend a REAL Futbol game* ~ Sit on a Jury ~ Sit front row at a Concert and sing along* ~ Ride a Horse ~ See a(nother) musical on Broadway* ~ Make new Friends but keep the old ~ Save 1 year’s Salary* ~ Celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary by renewing our vows ~ Visit the Bat Bridge in Austin* ~ Try 25 foods that might make others gag (1. steak tartar 2. turkey leg) ~ Plant a Tree* ~ Take a Photography Class ~ See U2 in Concert* ~ Run a Half Marathon ~ Eat Sushi in Japan* ~ Keep a house plant alive for 1 year ~ Watch the ball drop in NYC* ~ Have a Black Tie Academy Awards Party ~ Read the Bible all the way through* ~ Plant and harvest a little vegetable garden ~ Look out the crown of the Statue of Liberty* ~ Make our House a Home ~ Visit Alcatraz* ~ Get a Master’s Degree ~ Skinny Dip* ~ Enjoy my city like a tourist would ~ Survive a Star Wars Movie Marathon* ~ Silently Watch a Sunrise ~ Take Ballroom Dancing Lessons* ~ Reach 5,000 Page Visits on A Foreign Land ~ Explore my crafty side by attempting 100 DIY projects (1. ornament wreath)

Sooooo, tell me! What's on your Ultimate To DO list for 2010???

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Clarabela said...

I really like the idea of the Ultimate To Do List. That sounds like a project for me to work on this weekend.