6 Days Until Christmas

On my Ultimate To DO list, I added the unlikely challenging goal of attempting 100 DIY projects. This weekend I took a stab at a project.

I saw this gorgeous wreath, last year around Christmas time - go ahead, click the link, check out my inspiration! (Do you remember Eddie Ross from Bravo's Top Design?) The wreath seemed relatively doable with minimal effort. That's absolutely my kind of DIY. The whole project required only a wire hanger, some Christmas balls and a little bit of ribbon to complete. I decided to wait until the "after Christmas" sales to stock up on ornaments for the project. When I found them they were 50% off!! And after all, nothing says DIY like a real "bargain," right?

Now, waiting a year can really send your expectations skyrocketing. But, I'm pretty excited about how the project turned out!

Can you see the little me taking the picture in the mirrored balls???
So cute. So simple. So, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

I love the modern twist to an age old favorite. The wreath shape is such a basic shape, but it changes soo much by each different application. Very cute, very you guys.

Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

That is such a "Molly" thing to do, very cute!

Olivia said...

This is great! I saw this on a CB2 how-to, but I like yours better!