5 Days Until Christmas

We decided not to have a Christmas tree this year. We had lots of reasons why... the animals, the effort, the fact that we are traveling right after Christmas.

Friday night we changed our minds. So, after a full day of cold rain and with our bellies full of Mexican food, we headed out to a local tree lot and found the perfect tree!

We brought it home to let it dry out, allow the branches to fall, and give the cat a chance to check it out.

Turns out Vance wasn't the only one interested in the tree.

Today we dressed her all up and are so happy to report that our living room has been transformed into a Christmas wonderland.


Anonymous said...

So happy that you decided to go with a tree. The smell in the house is special. Maybe this type of greens will be less attractive to the boys. It really looks cute. My, aren't we domestic!

Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

Mexcian food and Christnas tree hunting! How much more fun can a gal have!