Last week, in preparation for the big New Moon opening, my girlfriend hosted the most fabulous themed party. We ate and laughed and watched the original Twilight together one last time before hitting the theatres for the next installment. There were many, many highlights of the evening... but one was that she served pomegranate seeds as a garnish for the "Type O" punch.

The actual seeds were a first for me. I've been drinking pomegranate juice for a couple of years and the fruit's sweet 'n sour flavor (which is oh so chic) is one I never shy away from when offered. But, the fruit itself has always been a bit intimidating to me. I see them in the grocery store but have never had a clue what to do with the actual berry.

But that has all changed. I was able to sample the "arils" (learned a new word! thanks, Wikipedia) that night and I fell head over heals in love. They were bright and refreshing and eating them was the equivalent of popping bubble wrap ~ once you start, you just keep popping. I was convinced by several friends that harvesting the arils from the berry is no sweat and therefore well worth the effort. SO, I decided to try it.

Gotta say, the alien autopsy that I ended up with in the middle of my kitchen was less than appetising.

Separating the seeds from the pulp while covered in crimson juice did not leave me in the mood to chomp on some pomegranate. Both the sights and sounds turned my stomach. The pulp is fleshy and soft and visually everything you DON'T want to put in your mouth. Unless, of course, you are a cannibal. I couldn't help but long for the days when I simply opened the top of my Pom Wonderful Juice and enjoyed a refreshing drink. After the harvest, it was necessary to put the bowl of arils into the refrigerator and simply walk away for the night.

Though, a day removed from the ordeal with a clean kitchen and a fading memory of the gory procedure I mustered up the courage to return to refrigerator. I'm pleased to report that I was eventually able to enjoy the fruit of my labor ... ba dump bump.

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