Early Morning Perks

Second day of the early morning wake up call. I must admit that I'm dragging a bit more this morning. Perhaps that means my plan is working. Uninterrupted, restful sleep must be just around the corner. And, can I say, "ouch"??? Apparently "moderation" is not in my vocabulary. Because after avoiding the gym like a conversation with weird uncle Phil for the past several months, I decided to go not once, but twice yesterday. Perfectly reasonable, right? (Anyone else predicting a red hot start with an inevitable lack of follow through?)

The coffee definitely enticed me out of the warm bed this morning. And now, after being up for almost two hours, I'm figuring out another perk of quiet time in the early hours.

A little snuggle time

And someone's undivided attention...

A girl could get used to this.


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Anonymous said...

Getting up early was never difficult when there was a little cute face waiting to be seen and heard. In fact it made it hard to stay in bed some mornings. when you're running to something , it's never hard to get up!!