Return of the Red Carpet

Yippeeee!! Readers, you know how I love a good red carpet, right? As we speak, the Prime Time Emmy Awards are on CBS. I am not excited to say that due to the weather (which knocked out the satellite) and a social engagement, I MISSED THE RED CARPET COVERAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know.

Thankfully, the Internet was invented. So, I have been able to catch up on who was wearing what and how fabulous they look. Aaaannnddd, E! Entertainment Television is going to be replaying their red carpet coverage today. I've set the DVR and intend to watch at my earliest convenience.

That being said, I reserve the right to add or delete as I continue to research tonight's fashion.

Lindsay Price was luminous in her eye popping purple J. Mendel gown with that stunning Fred Leighton bauble. The draping is ethereal, effortless and totally fantastic. She's a stand out in the color that is pretty popular tonight!

Kate Walsh also wore J. Mendel and apparently I'm LOOOOVING the draping this year. Her sublime pale grey (?) gown is absolutely beautiful. It seems to be part of the "big hips" trend (that I mentioned over on twitter... do you see my twitter feed? It's right over there on the right labeled "The Latest". If you're on twitter we should totally follow each other. It's much better when you actually know each other!) that appeared to be all over the red carpet. That's definitely not a silhouette I'd be able to pull off. But, Kate and January Jones totally pull it off... Sarah Silverman, not so much. Kate's also right on trend sans necklace. Her comparatively simple hair and fresh face are the tops in my book!

I gotta be honest, this next one pains me to include. I haven't always been this lady's biggest fan. But, Jennifer Love Hewitt's dress was absolutely breath taking on the telecast. The bright yellow was lovely and this picture doesn't do it's fabulous sparkle justice. It shimmered! It was gorgeous. She looked beautiful and was adorable as she presented. Way to make me a fan, "Love".

Soooo, who were your favorites? What did I miss?

Lindsay Price courtesy Jason Merritt/Getty @ Instyle.com, Kate Walsh courtesy Mathew Imaging/WireImage @ Instyle.com, Jennifer Love Hewitt courtesy Mathew Imaging/WireImage @ Instyle.com

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