We have officially entered Fall 2009 and I just couldn't be more excited! I'm pretty sure Autumn is my very favorite season.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. The Weather is Changing: Temperatures drop (though not as drastically as I would like around here) which makes lighting the fireplace a more regular occurrence. It's not just for s'mores anymore! And the leaves change colors - which makes Chattanooga and its surrounding areas considerably more enjoyable to look at for a few weeks.

2. There's a New TV Schedule: All the new shows pop up in the television line up and old favorites return. I have to say, our DVR is working overtime right now. There are so many new shows that I plan to give a try... in fact, being the TV junky that I am, this deserves a whole post to itself. Stay tuned.

3. Serious Films Debut: Adios GI Joe and Transformers 16, Fall means the quality films are released to the theatres. And I am chomping at the bit to get to work on this year's Academolly Awards.

4. Time to break out the Fall Fashion: Oh, how I love Fall and Winter clothing... layers with sweaters and tights and boots! For a pastey white gal like me, a Fall wardrobe is so very much more fun than summer's tank tops and swimsuit cover-up chic. blech. I finally finished all 584 pages of Vogue's September issue for the 3rd time and I have to say that patterned tights are my favorite trend of the season! What about you?

5. Awards Season on the Horizon: And finally, Fall means that awards season is about to kick off once again. Sure the Emmys have come and gone, but they are just a taste of the red carpet glamour that awaits us over the coming months.

So, throw a pot of soup on the stove for dinner, grab a glass of warm apple cider, and join me in toasting the new season!

Viva Autumn.

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