Summer Movie you Shouldn't Miss

The Hurt Locker Publicity Still
Jeremy Renner as Staff Sergeant William James in a publicity still courtesy of IGN.com
Last weekend we checked out an amazing Iraq war film The Hurt Locker. Totally lacking political slant, this film was absolutely watchable. At no point was I muttering under my breath nor did I leave the theatre frustrated. The movie's plot centers around an EOD ~ Explosive Ordnance Disposal ~ unit finishing up their tour in Iraq. (My super smart hubby told me about the "EOD" thing... otherwise I would have called them bomb defusers.) More specifically, it's a character study of who and what it takes to do that particular type of work.
Imagine. On top of being in a war zone, away from friends and family, sweating profusely and inhaling sand these soldiers are DEFUSING BOMBS. They must be intensely cool under pressure, and also a little crazy. You'd have to be a little nuts, right? To calmly walk up to a car who's trunk is loaded with what Staff Sergeant James describes as "Enough bang to blow us all to Jesus" there's got to be a disconnect somewhere. An incredibly brave and heroic disconnect.
Director Kathryn Bigelow (who also did Point Break!!!!) created a war movie that is engaging without being condescending. It's thought provoking without pushing political hot buttons. It's entertaining without relying on too many war movie cliches. The Hurt Locker is a blast. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

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