Here She Goes Again

After an indulgent post earlier this week, an anonymous reader commented "who are you and what have you done with Molly?" Believe me, I understand that the comment was made in jest and with love. But, I can't lie. It sent me into a momentary tail spin. It got me wondering... who the heck am I becoming? What have I done with the Molly that once was???? After about 2 seconds, I realized that I left her at home. She's back in the Lou attending live theatre, going to the art museum, and riding her bike in Forest Park. The Molly I once was is attending book club, throwing parties and planning weddings at the Journey. She's going to concerts of artists other than those heard on Christian or Country radio, eating at a variety of amazing restaurants and watching professional sports.

But with few of those things available here, I've been forced to change. I'm discovering other things to keep me busy. It's incredible what you can fill your time with when you're in the midst of complete culture shock.

{ here she goes again... I've read this one before }
I know, right? Do I sound like a broken record? Do you wish that after nearly 3 years I would be better adjusted to life here? Are you tired of hearing this same thing from me over and over again? So can you imagine how sick I am of feeling this way?!?!

But, here's the thing. I could curl up in a ball and just count the days until we move back. I could pout and whine (believe me I could! I'm really good at it, just ask my handsome hubby. I've got plenty of practice) Or I can make the most of our time here. There's no question I'm in a foreign land. I still feel like a fish out of water and like I live in a perpetual identity crisis. BELIEVE ME, I'm just as confused as you are, anonymous reader. But I'll be damned if I let this place crush my spirit. It's evolve or perish. And you've got a front row seat for the transformation. Watch while I grow into a new woman that can survive enjoy Chattanooga. Are you sitting down? Because, it would appear that the person I'm becoming needs a staple gun and a cast iron skillet. She thinks something is FAR AWAY when she has to drive more than 10 minutes. She's learning to navigate in a culture full of church people without rolling her eyes every few minutes (that one has been particularly difficult). But most importantly, she's appreciating what we've got here while still looking forward to the day that she can be reunited with the OLD Molly and become an even cooler lady by surviving this whole experience.


Dave Ebenhoh said...

Sounds like this Molly person is gaining some wisdom to me. :-)

Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

What you are doing is choosing to be content where you've been planted. This is courage Molly! My pastor said once if you don't learn to be cotent where you are, you'll never truly be content somewhere else.