My Latest Craze

Do you go through food phases?

In grade school I had this pickle wrapped in an American cheese slice period. Everyday when I came home from school, I grabbed my bizarre treat and loved every bite. In high school I lived on bacon and mayo sandwiches. They worked for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or maybe all three. Years later I went through an eggplant and Rotel phase. My sister would come home from work and be slapped in the face by the garlicky goodness. Of course there was the dirty martini phase. But, you can feel free to forget about that phase. Since, for me, the memories are pretty spotty anyway. And most recently I had a carrot chips and Marzetti Southwestern Ranch dip season. This was a particularly difficult phase to transition out of since I had a partner in crime (my hubby) encouraging my binging.

Right now I am smack dab in the middle of a crunchy, all natural (which is MUCH saltier than "unnatural"?) peanut butter and Nutella on toast phase. I know it isn't the most creative, nor the most original. And I'm probably going to end up with a big fat ass from all the calories I'm ingesting. But, boy is it delicious stuff.

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Unknown said...

um . . . love it! best creation on god's green earth.

who loves penut butter?: i do!

who loves nutella?: i do!

great combo!