Happy 4th of July from Highland Park

Last year at this time, we had been in our house for about a month. We were settling in, buying furniture, picking out paint colors and making ourselves at home. Our street was pretty quiet. Except for the occasional small get together across the street, there was hardly any drama or noise.

The house next door was still under construction, so there was a huge dumpster that sat on the street where the surveillance cameras now reside. We had a great friend in town to show him around Chattanooga during the holiday weekend and were relaxing in the living room for a few minutes between activities. Suddenly we noticed sirens and patrol lights coming from out front. We opened our door to this scene:

It appeared as though some fireworks went astray. At least that was our hypothesis, since we had heard bottle rocket pops pretty steadily all weekend. I guess the old rotted wood and debris that filled that dumpster created a target rich environment. It all must have happened pretty quickly because we weren't aware of the blaze until the firetruck had arrived and the team had everything under control. Once the firemen cleared out, the party continued well into the night. But the amateur fireworks display came to a pretty quick close.

I've always thought of the scene as a dramatic "welcome to the neighborhood" bonfire! The commotion was so uncharacteristic for our street. But, I think our cars will be parked behind the house this weekend just in case our neighbors are looking to make the blaze a holiday tradition.

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Anonymous said...

Our neighbors are eager to set our property ablaze as well. The city lots are not built for fireworks displays. I guess they think that their pool will protect the entire block from roman candles and pop bottle rockets gone astray. Even though we had rain almost the entire day, they continued into the night with annoying home fireworks. We wisely chose to go elsewhere for the day.