Thankful Thursday/ episode 20

i pride myself on my sense of direction. generally speaking, when in a car i can get my barrings relatively well and figure out where i need to go. i don't typically rely on maps, i'm more of a trial and error type of girl. and i rarely get lost. behind the wheel i'm fearless and confident. and like i said, it is something in which i take pride.

i am also a pretty stubborn woman. when i think i'm right, i'll dig my heels in and fight you to the death. and i admit that i don't always fight clean - i'll use verbal intimidation, sarcasm, insults... whatever it takes to make you reconsider your viewpoint (maybe even reconsider your right to have a viewpoint) and realize how correct i actually am. but notice i said earlier, "when i think i'm right" - because that is pretty much all the time. whether or not i'm actually right doesn't typically matter. if i think i'm right, i AM right, and i'll fight ya. don't confuse me with the facts, just get on board the molly train.

all this makes me sound like a ball of laughs to be around, right? especially in a car.

episode 20: "today i am thankful for ... a husband who doesn't say 'i told you so.'"

on two separate occasions last weekend i was dead wrong about driving directions. my patient(and generally not too great with directions) husband was totally right. TWICE. once i went as far as saying, "why do you argue with me about directions when you know i'm always right?" the other time i explained that the route was the route i took home from work "every day" so i "could not possibly be mistaken." and i said both things with a straight face and seriously believing them to be true. TWICE he was so right and i was so wrong. TWICE i had to admit how wrong i was and apologize for my trash talking. TWICE he was gracious, not at all smug and just let it go. he never even said, "i told you so." my husband is a (long-suffering) gentleman.

so today, i am thankful.

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