to do this weekend...

~ pack bags into car
~ drive 450+ miles
~ have dinner at bandannas with my dad
~ enjoy a high school production of hello, dolly!
~ spend some much needed time with super old (like i've known them forever old - not aged old) friends

~ coffee and cupcakes with my favorite cousin
~ try on many, many bridesmaid dresses and oooh and ahhh over many, many bridal gowns
~ dinner with my soon to be 21 year old sister
~ dessert with the fam

~ church at the journey
~ lunch with a couple of my favorite gals, two good friends of my husband's, one sweet little one and one ambiguously attached but important other
~ drive 450+ miles back home to my amazing husband

~ re-pack and pick up my newest friend
~ drive to nashville
~ eat jimmy john's sandwiches
~ rock out to NKOTB
~ stay in a (hopefully) swanky hotel

~ sleep in
~ shop
~ drive back to chatt in time to make it to a meeting at work at 6 pm

can you believe how much fun????

1 comment:

Amie said...

can't wait for saturday morning! much love, your favorite cousin!