Thankful Thursday/ episode 11

the weather is changing! today the temperature rose and the sun shone brightly. as i left work i got to roll down the windows, turn up the music and put on my sunglasses. it was fantastic - actually, it was springtastic.

episode 11: "today i am thankful for... my sunroof."

when i shopped for my car i had 2 things that were non-negotiable. the first was that the car had to be a manual transmission. the second was that it had to have a sunroof. days like today are the exact reason why. i love to drive, and i especially love to drive with the music up and the sunroof open.

living in a city like chattanooga where spring and fall are actually longer than 24 hours each i'm able to put the sunroof to great use. i look forward to today being the first of many more to come.

so, today i am thankful.

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