Thankful Thursday/ episode 9

over christmas we got iphones. i love, love, love mine. it has quickly become one my favorite gadgets of all time. unfortunately, over the past couple of days my phone has developed some sort of problem. kind of a bummer, but not totally unexpected. my phone is a hand me down from brian's wonderfully generous brother, sean. when he got a new 3G, he shared his original with me. pretty cool, huh? anyway, since the phone is an older model and gently used it's running into problems now. my wonderful husband spent close to an hour on the phone with customer service today trying to fix it from home. they were unsuccessful - leaving us with the choice of either sending the phone by mail to be repaired or driving to the nearest apple store in knoxville. we chose to drive.

episode 9: "today i am thankful for... red velvet cupcakes on the horizon!"

there's a cupcakery in knoxville and i am psyched. the cupcakery just happens to be my most fav-o-rite place to indulge my sweet tooth. since we've left st. louis, it is the one place that i make sure i ALWAYS visit when we get back there. how sweet is it that there is one less than 2 hours away from us? and saturday we get to go. woo hoo! red velvet cupcakes, here we come.

so today, i am thankful.

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