love to hate him

i have to think that for 2008 ralph fiennes needs special recognition. 3 of the 4 films released with fiennes as a cast member were: the reader, the duchess & in bruges. amazing.

why do i find him so compelling when all i know about him are the creeps he chooses to play? in the reader, he's the broken hearted, emotionally constipated and perpetually disconnected michael berg. in the duchess, he's the emotionally abusive, philandering and controlling duke of devonshire. and his character in in bruges, is harry waters a hot tempered, gun toting gangster with clear line in the sand that he will not (nor let anyone else) cross.

3 films, 3 creeps, 3 amazing performances. fiennes deserves a mention first for his ability to pick incredible roles and second the fact that i find him so compelling on screen despite the despicable men he portrays.

photo credit: rocking.gr

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Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

And then there's always his turn as Lord Voldemort!