Thankful Thursday/ episode 8

in case you haven't noticed, i've had a wicked case of writer's block over the past 2 weeks. i seriously cannot come up with anything entertaining to say.

episode 8: "today i am thankful... that blogging is a hobby and not a job, otherwise during times like this i'd be screwed."

if you've read some of my stuff previously, you know i have this intense desire/wish to be a cultural critic. i want to observe and write about the culture (movies, music, television) that surrounds me. over the past couple of weeks, i've seen an insane amount of award winning and nominated movies, i've renewed my love affair with pop music, and enjoyed some really great television. on the whole i've been immersed in culture. but, now here i am. i've got tons of stuff i could be going on and on about... but i'm just not feeling like writing. i'm simply un-inspired.

so its a good thing i didn't get my wish. i guess, sometimes what we wish for isn't what's best for us. i'm starting to realize this might be one of those times. if i'd gotten my wish and i was being paid for my productivity right now i'd be living on ramen noodles. and if any of you remember my flabby waist line in college, ramen noodles do not do a body good. plus, if i was critiquing culture for a living i'd be much more stressed out during periods of writer's block which would lead to much less creativity.

all that to say, i'm super glad that i wasn't granted my wish at the very moment i made it. i'm not letting go of my dream to some day write for a living... i'm just glad that my dream hasn't come true yet.

so, today i am thankful.

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