Thankful Thursday / episode 6

by this point, if you've read ANY of my previous posts you know that i have not always been a good girl. i didn't always make the wise choice. i learned many lessons by falling flat on my face (many times breaking a figurative tooth or blackening a metaphorical eye). but, i'm not the type of person who lives with regret. in other words, the paths that i took, the mistakes that i made, the piles of crap that i stepped in along the way are just part of who i am. i recognize that i am a stubborn, prideful person and the only way that my dna would allow me to learn the lessons i've learned is to have experienced the life that i have. and while it might have been a bit easier and a lot less messy to have a lived differently, i'm content with the reality of my past. after all, it's brought me to where i am today - a woman who recognizes that i am a cherished, loved, sought after daughter of my creator. (not to mention i have a great family, fiercely loyal friends and i ended up with a super hot and amazingly kind husband to boot!)

what's cool is that in the work i do, my yucky past is actually an amazing asset. the experiences i've had and the streets smarts i've earned make me uniquely qualified for my position. totally weird. but without a doubt, absolutely ordained. who would have ever imagined that i could put all the icky stuff to use for GOOD?!?!?!?! but, i'm telling you it happens EVERY day.

episode 6: "today i am thankful for ... a redeemed past."

it's super cool to think that my suffering wasn't for naught. and more importantly it wasn't only for me. i have the opportunity to be a part of keeping others from making the mistakes i made. which is a pretty awesome place to be. seriously, if you really know me, does it surprise you that i'm being used as an example? and a good one at that! because it freaks the crap out of me. but it also fills me with incredible humility and gratitude.

so, today i am thankful.

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Anonymous said...

I love you sweetie and I'm very proud to be your husband!