25 Random Things About Me

a couple people have tagged me on facebook with this "25 random things" chain mail thingy. instead of posting it there and spreading the virus, i decided it might a moderately fun topic to blog about. after all, i am my favorite topic of conversation (see #17)

1. i'm scared to death of cardio based group exercise classes
2. i trained my dog to poop inside (relax, he uses a litterbox/grate)
3. until i met my husband i never wanted to get married
4. i've had trouble sleeping all my life, and restless leg syndrome to boot ~ exercise has helped both issues
5. i'm not sure who scares me more... people who think obama is God or people who think he's the anti-Christ
6. i do know for sure that those who fall into the second category annoy me more
7. i'm hopeful that someday my hubby will find a job that takes us overseas to live for awhile
8. i don't know what i want to be when i grow up
9. i wish i was better at keeping up with friends who are far away
10. i'm my own worst critic
11. i take pre-natal vitamins even though i have no intention of ever getting pregnant
12. it hurts my feelings when people "friend" me on facebook and then never communicate further with me
13. i love pop music ~ the bubble gummy-er the better
14. someday i'm going back to school for a graduate degree, even if its when i'm 73
15. i once got on a train i thought was headed to interlaken & ended up in prague
16. my cat thinks he's a dog
17. i love to talk about myself at length unless you ask me questions... then i clam up
18. my next door neighbor has a security guard posted on her front porch
19. if i only had to eat 1 type of food for the rest of my life it would be sushi
20. or mexican
21. or steak
22. really, anything but sour cream & watermelon (i love food)
23. i never had a gaming system growing up and i believe thats why i have horrible hand-eye coordination
24. i don't miss snow, but i sure do miss snow days
25. today at work the scent of strippers & the pull-out method were topics of conversation

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Anonymous said...

OMW! #25, by far the funniest...I remember those days!