no more 3x5s

so as we're driving into st. louis, listening to my very diverse ipod, john mayer's 3x5 came up. if you are unfamiliar, let me share some of the lyrics.

didn't have a camera by my side this time
hoping i would see the world through both my eyes
maybe i will tell you all about it when i'm
in the mood to lose my way with words
today i finally overcame
tryin' to fit the world inside a picture frame
maybe i will tell you all about it when i'm in the mood to
lose my way
but let me say
you should have seen that sunrise with your own eyes
it brought me back to life
you'll be with me next time I go outside
no more 3x5's

so, i was challenged. typically, i'm a real picture girl. i love to take them, post them, frame them, look at them, share them... you name it. but i was thinking maybe this time i'll just experience the trip and not carry the camera the whole time. i wondered if maybe i'd get more out of the visit if i left the camera in the bag rather than yank it out at every kodak moment. and taking his lyric's advice i decided to see our trip to st. louis through "both my eyes".

as the days passed i refrained. i didn't take my usual collection of pictures. even though i had most of my family and a ton of friends standing right next to me, i didn't snap all that many photos. i didn't stop conversations to make people "get together" for a picture. i didn't suggest that everyone "look this way" and "smile" which apparently means "stick your tongue out at the camera" in brianpageineese. for the most part i just left the camera in the purse.

and here i am. it's been almost a week since i've been home. i desperately miss my family and friends. and while i typically have pictures that i could pour through to remember the not so distant past, this time i'm left with a measly 20 pics. just 20 snap shots of a weeks worth of togetherness.

so let me just say screw you, john mayer. i should have known better than to take advice from someone who dated jessica simpson.

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