another wedding

guess what? my sister got engaged!! i'm thrilled and excited for her! i cannot wait to see her as a beautiful, cinderella princess bride. her fiance is a great guy and i know that she's been wanting to be his wife for awhile now. it will be cool to officially welcome him into our family. i can't wait to see what the two of them plan for their big day! the wedding planning process is such a cool way to learn about a couple. it becomes clear what they value, what their taste/style is, and not to mention how they handle conflict. it's intriguing to me to see a couple's personality come to life through the event.

oh and, i love, love, love being a bridesmaid. and guess what else? she asked me to be one of her attendants. woo hoo! that means a bridesmaid's dress (she's thinking red which is only my favorite color) and a bachelorette party, bridal showers and stuffing invitations, and of course bridal magazines!!! bridal magazines really are the best part of planning a wedding...

now the wedding isn't until june of 2010, so we've got some time to wait until game day. but like i told her, all the more time to relax and not have to rush through the fun stuff. now, i'm pretty sad that i have to be the "long distance" bridesmaid again. however, although its much easier when you're in the same city... i'm not going to let the distance keep me from serving my little sister the best that i can. maybe i should even go to a bridal show here to get some ideas? it would purely be to help HER. just for research sake, of course.

have i mentioned how much i loooooove weddings?

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are you sure you're not getting married????