turkey day

dinner is prepared, eaten, cleaned up and it's all over but the left-overs. woo hoo!!!!
i am so thankful that things went smoothly. i'm calling it a success. it all tasted yummy, well the cheesecake left a bit to be desired, is that really a surprise? (preparing deserts has never been something at which i excelled.) but otherwise, the meal was delicious, my guests seemed relaxed and i had a lot of fun.

here's a run down of the day:
10:00 am
*turkey insides removed and turkey "stock" on the stove (my dad has promised to help me make turkey soup before he leaves).

11:00 am
*last minute list prepared of what to do over the next few hours and WHEN (sometimes i'm a real planner)
*& then a few minutes for primping (it's not enough for the meal to taste good, i need to look cute too, right?)

12:00 pm
*ingredients gathered, breakfast dishes cleaned up & kitchen prepared for the big dance

*meanwhile my mother-in-law set this beautiful table.

1:00 pm
*sage stuffed turkey goes into the oven; only after it had been cleaned up and made to look lovely. (there's a lot riding on the bird, you know? if it's dry or burnt or partially frozen the whole dinner can tank. NO PRESSURE)

1:30 pm
*orange cranberry sauce simmering on the stove as the bread was toasting for the stuffing and the veggies were being chopped. (multi-tasking at its best. it certainly helped having an extra set of hands too.)

2:00 pm
*turkey is browned enough to and some broth and cover up. (boy did i hate covering that bird... i knew i couldn't obsessively check it once i did. from there i was going on faith.)

3:00 pm
*stuffing completed and refrigerated.
*time for lunch while we watched the national dog show ~ i personally think this shih tzu was robbed...

4:00 pm
*green beans prepped and salad spun (boy was that turkey smelling good)

4:30 pm
*the beautiful bird was done (much earlier than i expected, but right on time according to the recipe)
look how the wings and legs are pulling away from the carcass!
i was stoked.

*then it was crunch time: stuffing and beans had to cook, carrots had to glaze, rolls had to be baked and gravy had to be made ~ all while the turkey rested and my handsome husband carved him up. (that last half hour is, without a doubt, the most hectic!)

5:30 pm
*time to eat!!!!
have i mentioned my affinity for turkey legs????

6:30 pm
my incredible family cleaned up ALL the dishes and stored the leftovers. right on!
i was hoping for some silly anecdotes or even a miserable failure to make this post more exciting. instead i have a full belly, droopy eye lids and no fear when it comes to making thanksgiving dinner. i'm even ready to try it on my own. (today i had my mother-in-law to catch me if i had questions, thanks maggie!)

now, of course i recognize this holiday is about more than just food. so, i think i'm most thankful for our family (and friends) and their willingness to come visit us down here in chattanooga. we've had quite a year full of visitors and i sure hope the trend continues! the welcome mat will stay out if you guys will keep coming. maybe i'll even make you a turkey.
happy thanksgiving to all and to all a good night.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Molly, what a wonderful post. I love the time line, the pictures, the bird looked super yummy. Great job, great insite, great story telling. I felt like a fly on the wall. Great job, I am glad it went well, you seemed "accomplished" at the end of it all. Did I mention how great that bird looked. Go Martha, go Martha. I am thankful for your post. I look so forward to them, even if I don't comment on each one, I read it every day, so thanks for taking the time to keep us in the loop. Even with your droopy eyes. :o) Love you. Glad it went so well. XOXOX