another reason

i'm not kidding about this cultural critic thing. as i sit here drinking a cup of tea, surfing the web, contemplating what i'd like to write about this morning... i've realized this is pretty great. this could be the "job" i was meant to have. can't you just see me sitting in a coffee shop all day with my lap top, pecking away?

of course, my writing would need to get a little more engaging than what you're right reading now.

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Anonymous said...

I picture you in a "friends" setting. The coffee house, with all the eclectic patrons surrounding you as you click endlessly at your keyboard, smiling as you write and re-read your own fabulous words. Go Molly, GO Molly. I almost rented that darn movie As time goes by, just to see what you saw. But, no...Mommy didn't have time, YET. But I will. Did you notice, he never really says " Play it again, Sam". Kisses and love. Keep writing.