this is a test...

my husband says he reads my blog. i think he's just saying that to make me feel better. soooo, i'm posting this to see if he actually reads my blog. hey babe, are ya out there?????

i apologize for any inconvenience (or boredom) this causes those of you who ACTUALLY read this blog. thank you for taking time to read and for your comments. i'll admit, i'm pretty self focused most of the time, and the attention makes me smile.

anyway, i promise to return in no time with something much more entertaining, a little more insightful and much less whiny and ball-and-chain like.


Anonymous said...

Well, I wanted him to say the first "something"....but, I wanted to also let you know, we ( I ) am still here, everyday, checking to see what you are up to. The entertaining, whinning or whatever. I love to see your new focus on actually getting paid for this. Keep it up, it will happen, and I will buy the first copy of whatever it is, unless of course, Brian beats me to it. :o) Love always......Me

Anonymous said...

Let the record show that Brian was here on November 5th, 2008:) Love you sweetie!