too strong??

as i sit here this afternoon, i'm second guessing my latest friend recruiting maneuver. i boldly approached someone today and said, " i think we are supposed to be friends" and invited him out for coffee. now, just 4 hours later i'm a bit nervous that i came on too strong.

let me bring you up to speed...
when we first moved to chattanooga, i was in a "i want to be a wedding/party/event planner" stage. i took a job for a small company and had the pleasure of meeting this great guy who was the "event designer". we didn't spend all that much time together in the 5 minutes that we worked there. but i remember thinking at the time that i wanted to be his friend. since the job wasn't very long lived (for him or for me) it just never came to be.

in the last few months i've gotten to reconnect with him because he's a server at our favorite restaurant. now, it isn't a huge restaurant... but seriously, EVERY time we eat there he waits on us. it is too weird. i think the fact that he's recommended some of the best food that i've eaten in chattanooga has really brought him close to my heart. it's not like we spend quality time together when he serves us, but he always makes me laugh. and i always leave thinking i want to be his friend.

now, lest i continue to sound like a stalker... let me explain further. i keep running into this guy all over town. it is kind of eery. even though the population of chattanooga is less than 200k, it just seems like i see him too often. i see him when i go to my favorite coffee place. i see him jogging when i'm shopping downtown. i randomly run into him a lot. so, today when we sat down in church (we went to a different service than we usually do) and i heard his voice 2 rows behind us, i felt a real pull to just talk to him.

and so, i went for it. he seemed a bit thrown off when i hit him with my line about how i think we are "supposed to be friends". and he wouldn't commit to a specific time that we could get together - he said he's super busy this week. but we exchanged phone numbers and he promised to call (just in case there are any questions, this was all done RIGHT in front of my husband - and there is absolutely no physical attraction whatsoever). it isn't going to hurt my feelings if he doesn't want to be my friend - though i can't imagine why he wouldn't want to be. i just know that i'm going to run into him again, because we always do. and i don't want to look like some sort of pushy, friendship demander. even though that is the part that i played today. i just don't believe in coincidence and i want to be his friend. so today i asked, maybe more like "told", him to be mine.

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