we finally broke down and joined the "y". and as i sit here in post-workout exhaustion/euphoria, i know why.

i took a yoga class this morning. my first in more than 2 years, and it was WONDERFUL. my body burns in that delightful way it will after a truly strenuous workout. i'm filled with all those natural endorphins that are as close to a "high" as i get these days. and i'm feeling a sense of satisfaction that lounging in front of the television rarely provides.

the "y" has a pool, so i can swim. it has a great class schedule, so pilates and yoga are back in my life. it has a ton of NEW equipment that my FREE personal trainer is going to help me work into my routine. 2 locations in town are less than 10 minutes from our work and our home. they offer dance classes periodically ~ i've even heard ballet!!! and the locker room, having just been remodeled less than 6 months ago, has a sauna, a steam room and plenty of space where i can get ready for work.

no more excuses. flabby butt, be gone!


Anonymous said...

Well, not feeling so great about my self now. Lets see, it is my
12th hour straight, of being in front of a computer. I had breakfast and lunch at my desk in front of one, and now at home, shoveling fork fulls of lettuce in my mouth, wondering WHY I am not losing weight.

The "Y" you say? Hummmm......

Whitney said...

I just re-joined the gym last week. I figured it was time now that my "baby" is almost 6 months old.... no more excuses! And I'll admit that I was dreading it, but it felt so good afterwards!

I should be there now instead of blogging.