enough already

i haven't watched the debate yet. it's in our dvr, but frankly between house guests and the incredible amount of season premiers... i just haven't gotten around to it yet. i know, i know the debate and the election are important. i have to choose one. honestly though, i'm stumped. i don't like either of those two. begrudgingly i know, it's my civic duty to make an informed vote on november 4th. and i intend to take my responsibility seriously.

but the news media isn't making it all that easy. frankly, over the last year they've turned this election into the longest, most annoying season of american idol ever. we've spent months picking off contestants one-by-one after watching their less than impressive performances. now we're down to the final two contestants. and we're living the next few weeks caught in the middle of that super annoying, overly long and unnecessarily padded "live" finale extravaganza. the final two sing cheesy songs they didn't write themselves. songs that the producers hope will be audience pleasers - but really have nothing to do with who the contestants are as performers. meanwhile, we as an audience wait at the edge of our couches for the votes to be tallied and the winner to be crowned.

so can't we just fast forward through all this fluff. can't we crown our king and move on with it???


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone needs a nap :o)

Anonymous said...

On a positive note...it has made for some pretty funny SNL skits!